ISA Young Storyteller Competition Winners

Posted: 15th May 2023

Lyndhurst School had fantastic results from the ISA Young Storyteller Competition 2023, winning the award for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Young Storyteller.  Congratulations to our Reception class students who worked together to produce an adventurous and captivating tale.  They showed great imagination and produced some fantastic ideas for their story.  Congratulations also to our Reception class teacher who helped support the children with their writing.

There was some excellent feedback from one of the ISA judges:

“It was such a pleasure reading the EYFS stories. I was amazed at the exciting tales that were captured in such a short format. There were frogs, monsters, aliens, dinosaurs and more! I was particularly impressed with the way that the children created dramatic tension and used a whole range of senses to bring their story to life and help the reader imagine that they’re part of the action. The ideas were also very original, often blending adventure with mystery and humour. I think that there are definitely some budding young authors among this bunch. A huge well done to all the children involved!”