Superheroes Workshop

Posted: 1st February 2019

Superheroes with Superbear

This week the children from Early Years up to Year  2 were all Superheroes! They had to help Super bear save the planet from the Party people who were using all of the earth’s resources to have a good time! They had to be four different Superheroes – Aquaman who shot water at the party people, Whirly girl who whirled her hands round so fast that they made a strong wind,  Pizza Man who threw pizza’s at the Party people shouting ‘Mamma Mia’ and Rocket man who blasted the Party people into space. The children helped Super bear to save the planet by being the Superheroes. They were very good at sneaking past the Party People very quietly too and then they had to freeze and pretend to be flowers! At the end of the workshop they taught the Party people about the serious message of how to help look after our planet – reduce, reuse, recycle! Thank you to Perform who ran the workshop – it was brilliant and we all loved it!