Moving on Up

Posted: 28th June 2019

Year 3 2019 with Miss V

There was a real buzz in the air in the morning as the children and teachers were so excited about visiting their classroom and meeting their form teacher for September.

With Mrs Doig Reception 2019 listened to the story ‘What I Like’ and shared with their friends what they would like.  They found out that Mrs Doig likes elephants.  In Year One 2019 the children enjoyed listening to a story with Miss Mourad and played a fun game of hot potato.  Year Two 2019 had fun sharing with Miss Bovington facts about themselves and they enjoyed drawing self portraits and writing a description of their favourite parts of Lyndhurst School.  They are really looking forward to going into Year 2 in September.

Year Three 2019 took the stairs up to their new classroom with Miss V, where they agreed the rules for the classroom rules for September including, “Always try your best”, “Be Kind” and “Be Safe”.  They wrote about their dreams and all about themselves.

Year Four 2019 explored their brains with Mrs Follows and what is inside their brains … they thought about what their friends and teachers think of them.  Whilst next door with Mr Manser Year Five 2019 talked about the expectations for next year and identified the differences between Year 4 and Year 5.  They had an opportunity to reflect on this year and what they would like to continue next year.  The children created their own passports sharing their strengths.

Year Six 2019 were very excited about being in Year 6 and taking on the responsibility of being at the top of the school.  They shared with Mrs Rudkin some creative and imaginative ideas about what they would like for next year.

A successful move up morning was had from all.